Should you choose LED or HID Bulbs?

 Although LED Bulbs are a newer product, there is a misconception that they are brighter than HID. They are an upgrade to the factory halogen bulbs making them brighter and whiter however test have shown HID to still perform better.  The downside to HID is they require more parts and […]

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Which is the best LED bulb?

At Headlight Revolution, we’re all about providing the cutting edge of technology to our customers and that’s what modern LED lighting is. From Morimoto to GTR Lighting to Philips there is a bevy of companies out there right now trying to find the next frontier of successful LED automotive lighting. […]

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Projector vs. Reflector Headlights

Projector headlights are similar to reflectors in that they both have a bulb that shines in a reflector bowl except that projectors pass the light through a lens before hitting the front of the vehicle.  Reflector headlights do not have a lens. The lens, known as a condenser lens, is […]

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What is a Project Retrofit?

We can upgrade the bulbs as long as your vehicle either has projectors or reflectors designed with a cutoff. If your vehicle does not have this and just has reflector lamps we cannot install upgraded bulbs without blinding others on the road. Your vehicle will require a projector retrofit for […]

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What is Lens Etching?

We get a TON of questions every week regarding lens etching. Does it effect output? What designs can you do?, etc…  TRSMatt takes us behind the scenes of our etching department and answers some of these common questions. We offer in house lens etching however for samples please visit: https://www.instagram.com/trs_etching/

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Flow Series Vs. RGBW / RGB

RGB is an LED chip that allows the three colors red, green, and blue to make any color on the spectrum. When trying to produce white, combining all three colors gives off a cool white appearance. The RGBW and RGBWA LED chips have an extra white LED that give off a pure white color. The RGBWA has […]

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